We’ve got a few insider tips for Cub Scout parents, along with the moms and dads considering adding Cub Scouts to their kids’ fall rosters.

With school and regularly scheduled activities about to kick into high gear, these three quick tips will have you rolling into the fall like…

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3 Cub Scouts Must-Knows

  1. The uniform. Getting the right pieces for the Cub Scout uniform makes you the coolest parent ever. Pro tip: right now you can save 25% on Cub Scout switchbacks when you buy a Cub Scout uniform shirt on ScoutStuff.org. This offer ends on Halloween (especially helpful if your son grows a few inches in the next three months. Because… he will).

  2. The lingo. Learning the Cub Scout lingo can be like learning a new language. Pinewood Derby, den, pack, and all the points of the Scout Law were not on your radar a few years ago. But now, you’re picking up this Scouting language like a pro, even if sometimes you still find yourself thoroughly confused. The Scouting parents around you are great resources for this info – they’re in the same spot you’re in so ask questions, combine resources, and always feel free to message us or post in the comments if you need a quick refresher on any of that Cub Scout wording.
  3. The order of ranks. Unsure if your son is a Bear Scout versus working toward his Bear Scout? Use this chart to keep the order of ranks straight. The space in your mind is precious so free up some brainpower and lean on this blog post to keep you looped into your son’s Cub Scout roadmap.

Seasoned Cub Scout parents, what would you share with incoming Cub Scout parents? New Cub Scout parents, any lingering questions? Let’s support each other and make the 2017-2018 year in Cub Scouting a standout! Don’t waste time wondering – ease your season and ask away.

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