Are you and your Scouts committed to leaving this Earth a little better than you found it?

Start by making a pledge to stop using disposable water bottles for good.

Your pack, troop and crew will keep dozens of plastic bottles out of landfills each month. You’ll reduce your eco-footprint and protect the ocean. And you’ll save a ton of money by choosing to drink from a reusable bottle.

To support these efforts, CamelBak, the BSA’s official hydration partner, launched a #DitchDisposable campaign in 2010. Their goal — to keep plastic bottles out of landfills and waterways— is already working. Through their efforts, they’ve eliminated more than 10 million bottles and counting.

CamelBak says that the average American could save about $25 and 18 bottles from the landfill by taking its pledge to go disposable-free for 30 days. By then, you’ll have turned this practice into a habitat-friendly habit.

Take the pledge to go reusable today. Once you do, be sure to share your efforts on Twitter or Instagram using the #DitchDisposable hashtag.

Five reasons to #DitchDisposible

  1. Americans use more plastic bottles than any other country — amounting to billions of water bottles every year.
  2. Less than a quarter of those plastic bottles end up in the recycling bin. The rest go to the landfill.
  3. It takes a lot of oil to make a plastic bottle. Imagine filling up your bottle a quarter of the way with oil. That’s about how much was used.
  4. In most places, water from a tap or faucet is just as healthy — in some cases healthier — than bottled water.
  5. One recycled plastic bottle would save enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for three hours.

Hydration picks

Want water bottle recommendations? Find a Scouting-themed selection from CamelBak at or your local Scout Shop.

I like the CamelBak Chute for day-to-day use. And when I go running in this Texas heat, I don’t leave the house without my Quick Grip Chill.

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