When I decided to put my son in Scouting, like many parents,  I was looking for a way for him to make some friends outside of school and get him away from being entertained almost exclusively by electronics.

Admittedly, I was leery of what kind of time commitment would come with him being a Scout. Having a full-time job, two sons, and a multitude of other “grown-up” commitments, I wanted to make sure I was picking the right social activity. I wanted something that would be beneficial for keeping him engaged and interested, but I didn’t want something that would overwhelm our family’s schedule either.

Scouting turned out to be the perfect solution! He became fast friends with the boys in his den and always looks forward to the den lesson they’ll be covering each week. Among many other things, he’s learned how to compost, dust for fingerprints, and how to work a compass while reading a map (and that’s just to name a few of his new skills).

Our monthly pack meetings are exciting and action filled! We have hosted numerous community service projects, toured local fire and police departments, raced derby cars and sail boats, hiked in the mountains, and roasted s’mores over campfires.

Just a few weeks after joining, my worry over what kind of time commitment this meant for me faded.  We too became friends with the families in our community and joined our pack’s larger Scouting family. I started to look forward to the meetings also!

I appreciate finding an organization that keeps things exciting and educational, while consistently reiterating greater life lessons – such as the values found in the Scout Law. My son will not only use these lessons immediately but will also carry them his whole life.

–  Jill Burt, Committee Chair, Pack 28 in Las Vegas, NV. Jill is a Scout mom and volunteer who helped grow her pack to 60 active Scouts with more than 20 outstanding leaders.

Check out some of Jill’s photos below and find your place in the pack by signing up for Cub Scouts.





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