Article contributed by Karrie Baxter, Full Family Executive of the Crossroads of America Council

As Scouting professionals, we must always meet our volunteers where they are – which sometimes means meeting online! Using Facebook Live as a meeting and promotion tool for open house and join event training will allow your volunteers to engage with you and your council no matter where or how busy they are.

Tips for Success

To make this style of training a success, you must build momentum and excitement through well planned promotion. Promote your live event through flyers, emails, and social media posts. Ask your volunteers and colleagues to share these promotions. Promotion doesn’t stop after the event – make sure people who missed the live event have the opportunity to watch the video by continuing to promote it through all channels of communication. Your live event should feature volunteers, professionals, and Scouts. Keep it exciting, short, and ask your audience to engage through comments.

Click here to see an example of an open house and join event Facebook Live training from Crossroads of America Council. See below for examples of graphics Crossroads of America Council used for its promotions.

Facebook Post

Facebook Post

Facebook Post

Lion/Tiger Webinar Flyer

Facebook Post

Pre-Event Facebook Live Flyer

Post Event Facebook Live Flyer

Facebook Cover Photo

Facebook Post

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