Scouts are resourceful. So, while your troop may not be able to go on a weekend campout together during the COVID-19 pandemic, this time could be ideal to learn how to play a new game or work on the car or prepare a first aid kit for the family.

We’ve previously shared a Scouter’s suggestion of merit badges that can be worked on from home and Scout Shop resources for some of those badges. Another resource you and your Scouts now have are digital merit badge pamphlets, available through Amazon Kindle.

You can download the electronic reader application on your phone or tablet. Each digital pamphlet costs $4.99, the same price as hard-copy pamphlets. They’re compatible with any electronic device; they do not include interactive or enhanced content. You can also find digital handbooks and other leader resources in the BSA’s Amazon Kindle library. 

Now live on Kindle

Bookmark the BSA’s Kindle library and keep checking back as more pamphlets will be uploaded in the coming weeks. Here’s what’s available now:

Digital memberships, audio options and digital copy bundles aren’t available at this time. If there are updates made to a pamphlet, you’ll need to purchase the updated version.

You can always purchase hard-copy merit badge pamphlets through

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