Rocket launch

Did you know you can launch a rocket in your backyard using only an empty plastic bottle, water and a launchpad?

Unlike engine-powered rockets, water bottle rockets don’t pose a fire risk and often require less prep. These DIY rockets still pack a powerful launch and should be treated with caution. Read on to prepare for your own, epic launch.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Water Bottle Rockets

  1. You need a launcher. While the rocket itself is a breeze to build, your launchpad requires a little more thought. Some people decide to build their own launchers out of PVC pipe or other tools from a hardware store (NASA has instructions you can take on with the help of an adult). We like this ready-made launcher from AquaPod. A great launcher can be used over and over again so it’s well worth the investment.
  2. Stand back. Always launch your rocket while standing at least 15 feet away. And never look directly over your rocket on the launchpad. Here’s some great information on staying safe with water bottle rockets.
  3. Tune into Family Fun Fest on August 8. We’ll show you how to decorate your water bottle rocket and what a launch looks like. Come ready to build with an empty plastic bottle, some construction paper, scissors and glue (or get extra creative with foam board, hot glue, colorful tape and stickers on hand).

If you’ve ever launched a water bottle or engine-powered rocket, we’d love to see photos and videos. Post on Instagram using #FamFunFest for a chance to be featured during the fun on August 8!

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