Kennedy Clutter isn’t afraid of a challenge. In fact, she’s the first in line when it comes to taking on activities she’s never experienced before. Kennedy was the first girl to join her local Mecklenburg County Council Cub Scout pack and is among thousands of other girls in the nation who are thrilled to join Scouting for the first time.

What’s more, Kennedy isn’t the only one in her family to embark on the adventures that Scouting has to offer – she proudly joins five family members who have worked their way through the program, including attaining the Eagle Scout rank. And now, Kennedy has that opportunity, too.

Jennifer Clutter says her daughter’s first reaction to hearing the BSA’s historic news to welcome girls in Cub Scouting was, “‘So I can earn my Eagle?’ ” recalled Clutter, also a Cub Scout den leader. Kennedy is beyond eager to join the family legacy. 

Kennedy Clutter is the first girl to join Pack 3, Mecklenburg County Cub Scout pack.

“I want to be a Cub Scout because I’ve watched my brother do all this fun stuff, and I really want to do all that fun stuff,” Kennedy shared with The Charlotte Observer. “They go camping, they learn how to use a knife – lots of things that you can’t just learn at school.”

Kennedy’s brother Carson, 11, just transitioned from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts, and Jennifer says he’s been very supportive of his sister in the Scouting program.

“He’s been really encouraging, making sure she has the right patches to sew on, and he brought down the handbooks from his previous years,” said Jennifer, who serves on the Mecklenburg County Council’s executive board.

“I’ve heard nothing but positives about our Cub Scout program integrating girls into the program,” Mecklenburg County Council Scout Executive Mark Turner said. “A lot of that is about serving the entire family. That’s a big driver for us.”

Jennifer explained that she sees real value for her daughter and other girls in expanding the availability of the leadership opportunities Scouting provides. “It’s something for the rest of your life, really,” she said.

Kennedy says she’s honored to take on this new challenge.

“I think it might be a lot of pressure, but it’ll still be kind of fun,” she said with a laugh.

Watch the video from The Charlotte Observer below and then head to The Charlotte Observer for the complete story. You can also learn more about the Clutter family and Family Scouting by checking out this story from Bryan on Scouting and the Family Scouting page on All photo credit to The Charlotte Observer.

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