By now, you’ve probably caught word of Scoutbook’s Den Leader Experience, the free web app that makes it easier than ever for den leaders to prepare for and lead meetings, track advancement and attendance, and more (if not, just check out the video at the end of this post). So, how could preparing for a den meeting possibly get any easier?

Leave it to the Scoutbook team to find new ways to streamline and simplify the den leading process—because they’ve now introduced a video series to help you navigate the Den Leader Experience app and get the most out of this terrific new tool.  

Based on the top questions the Scoutbook team received since the launch of the Den Leader Experience, these videos were created in the spirit of continuous improvement. The video series uses quick, to-the-point snapshots that will help any den leader get started, whether you’re a tech novice or an app aficionado.

From home screen how-tos to den invitations, check out the list below to see how these videos can offer you the best Den Leader Experience possible. You can also find all 17 videos at, or on the YouTube playlist here.


Getting Started:
Adding Scoutbook to Your Home Screen

Accessing Your Account
Navigating the Main Pages
Taking Training
Finding Resources
Preparing for the Next Meeting
Selecting Your Den
Setting Up a Den

Understanding the Calendar View
Editing Your Calendar
Taking Attendance

Finding Parents
Finding Your Scouts
Inviting a Leader to Your Den
Inviting a Parent to Your Den
Inviting a Scout to Your Den
Viewing an Adult’s Profile


Check out the Den Leader Experience for yourself through Scoutbook and be sure to head to Bryan on Scouting’s story to learn more about the awesome features! 

For questions on the Den Leader Experience or Scoutbook in general, you can always contact the Scoutbook support team at: [email protected]. You can also read answers to frequently asked questions here.

As always, keep an eye on for updates and stay tuned to Scouting Wire for details on another new video series featuring den leader tips and Cub Scout rank overviews!


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