When Sherry’s son had an ambitious idea for the design of his Pinewood Derby car, she wasn’t enthusiastic about it.

In fact, a slew of questions came to her mind about the feasibility and logistics of a Pinewood Derby car that looked like a tornado.

In her recent blog post, Sherry explained, “Early on, I tried to talk Grant out of his tornado design”

But the weather-fascinated kid persisted in his pursuit to turn vision into the Pinewood Derby car of his dreams.

Her Cub Scout illustrated his idea for the car and discussed the game plan with his engineering-savvy dad. The two worked together to nail the construction of the Pinewood Derby car, inspiring Sherry with their spirt of collaboration.

Then it was mom’s turn to help transform the base of the car with detailed design elements. Despite her initial hesitation toward the concept, she worked with her son to create a car the whole family was proud of (yes, that included Sherry).

“When I saw the finished product, I couldn’t believe how great it looked,” Sherry said in her blog post. “My son had taken this idea in his head and turned it into something amazing!”

Why Creativity Counts for Pinewood Derby Cars

In Sherry’s pack, Scouts vote for the car with the best design. And who won?

Sherry’s son took the prize for best design!

His car proved to be the idea of the year for their pack, showing his family a great idea from a persistent Scout can prevail.

Sherry gained a major takeaway from the experience.

She said, “His perseverance taught me that collaboration can overcome challenges that stand in the way of your creativity.”

Help your son explore his creativity by heading to Be A Scout, where you can learn more about Cub Scouting and find a pack near you.


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