I hope and I wish for all of you that you never stop learning.

–  Expedition 52 Flight Engineer Jack Fischer of NASA 

For a group of Scouts to get to hear these words from an astronaut is a remarkable experience. But hearing an astronaut impart this wisdom while he’s in space is the stuff life-changing memories are made of.

Bay Area Scouts posed questions to Jack Fischer as he stood (well, floated) aboard the International Space Station earlier this week. The experience of eager, space-enthusiasts meeting their absolute hero is one best watched for yourself. Check out a video of the interaction (and watch until the end to see Jack execute a perfect, low-gravity flip):

How to Make This Kind of Experience Possible for Your Kids

Through educational organizations, like the Boy Scouts of America, NASA conducts interactions with space station crew members who are in flight. If you volunteer with Cub Scouts, you can learn more about In-Flight Education Downlinks and how this may be possible for your pack or den.

If you’re considering Cub Scouts as a new adventure for your family, you can sign up and talk to your pack’s leaders about setting up an out-of-this-world experience like this one.



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