The giving season is here again. Whether it’s family or friends, Scouts or Scouters, our annual gift guide has a little something for everyone.

Cotopaxi Kusa Blanket: Make your cold nights warmer with this ultralight blanket. Stuffed with Cotopaxi’s signature llama-poly insulation and wrapped in ripstop nylon, the Kusa works great whether you’re in the tent or on the couch. $90.

Opinel No. 12 Explore Survival Knife: Every good Scouter needs a good knife. This folding one is the perfect blend of function and cool factor. The handle is reinforced with fiberglass and can withstand shocks, water and extreme weather — while also providing a secure grip. Inside the handle, you’ll find a survival whistle, cutting hook and removable fire starter. $49.

Trailblazer Fire Starter Sticks: Simply swipe one of the sticks across the box and toss it into your fire pit, and it’ll burn up to 10 minutes while you prep the rest of your fuel. The sticks are made from paraffin wax and wood chips, meaning they’re actually safe for you — and your Scouts — to handle. $6 per pack of 40.

CRKT Knife Maintenance Tool: Take care of your blade with this multifunctional tool that includes Torx drivers for tightening, a sharpener and a ceramic honing edge, keeping your knife ready for any task at hand. $30.

AstroReality EARTH: Arm yourself with the ultimate teaching aide for merit badges like Animal Science, Archaeology, Environmental
Science, Forestry, Geology and more. You get a 3-D-printed model globe that you scan with an augmented-
reality app. Then the app enables you to trace our planet’s changes throughout history — from animal migration patterns to meteor impacts — with the push of a button. $239

The Chaco Z Series: You’ll have trouble finding a more comfortable and dependable pair of sandals than these classics. You might not be able to wear these open-toed footwear at every Scout camp, but they’re great on easy trails, in the water or simply hanging around the house. Chaco also recently introduced a limited-time National Park Foundation series that represents five national parks: Big Bend, the Everglades, Glacier, Yellowstone and Yosemite. Starting at $105.

Camelbak Chute Mag Vacuum: Ensure a cold drink and smooth pour with this vacuum-insulated bottle that keeps liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for six. The narrow-mouthed opening makes it easy to drink on the go, and the magnetic spill-proof lid means you won’t waste a single drop. The double-walled Chute Mag comes in eight colors. $36.

Maglite ML300LX LED: Compact camp flashlights are great, but some situations call for something bigger. This one is a great choice for providing light anywhere from the backyard to the campsite. Carried by law enforcement and seasoned Scouters for decades, Maglites are built to last. The 12-inch ML300LX is an updated spin on the classic Maglite, boasting a 117-hour life and 625 lumens. $75.

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