Article contributed by Wendy Shaw, National Director of Membership Growth, and Patrick Sterrett, National Director of Field Service.

The Boy Scouts of America has had a tremendous amount of momentum in the short period of time that girls have been welcomed to join Scouts BSA troops. In just six months, thanks to your efforts, more than 21,000 girls have joined over 2,600 Scouts BSA troops. Never in the history of the BSA have that many new troops been formed in such a short period of time. We will continue working closely with all of our BSA councils to help ensure that Scouts BSA is available to girls in their communities.

To continue that momentum, we want to invite you to join us in our aspirational goal to have a Scouts BSA girl troop in every traditional district in the country! 

We also want to congratulate to the Polaris District from San Jose, CA, from the Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council for having 12 girl troops serving 151 girls. Not only is that the largest number of Scouts BSA girl troops in any district in the country, but they also have exceeded the national average size of a girl troop. Good job!

If you’d like a copy of the most recent list of girl troops by district, shoot us a note, along with your 2019 aspirational goal for your own district.

Wendy: [email protected]

Patrick: [email protected]

Scouting Wire would like to thank Wendy and Patrick for contributing this content.

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