scouts, emergency preparedness, first aid, boy scouts

scouts, emergency preparedness, first aid, boy scouts

Troop 93 jumped to the scene of a motorcycle crash to provide assistance before EMTs arrived. (Photo credit: Medicine Mountain Scout Ranch)

First aid and emergency preparedness are essential lessons every Scout learns. You hope for safe conditions, but when the skills are needed, they can mean the difference between life and death. Such was the case for Scouts from the Pathway to Adventure Council‘s Troop 93 of Lake Zurich, IL when they helped save two motorcycle riders near their hiking site.

On June 27, the Scouts were hiking the Sunday Gulch Trail in South Dakota when they heard a motorcycle slide off the road nearby. Five of the Scouts – Jacob, Seanan, Liam, Matthew, Mark – and Scoutmaster Burke immediately ran to the scene to help the two victims that were trapped under the motorcycle.

The fast-acting Scouts lifted the Harley-Davidson off the unconscious riders and stayed on the scene to provide first responder assistance and divert traffic. They called 911 using their two-way radios and ran up the road to call for additional help.

The Scouts found a fellow hiker who happened to be a trauma nurse and was able to assist before paramedics and other emergency responders arrived.

ABC 7 Chicago reports that both victims regained consciousness before being loaded in the ambulance.

Medicine Mountain Scout Ranch officials say the troop credits Scouting and their first aid training for knowing how to respond quickly and calmly in an emergency situation.

To get the full story on how these brave Scouts helped two strangers in need, visit ABC 7 Chicago.

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