Some have names you know: Robert Baden-Powell, Charles Lindbergh, Hank Aaron.

Others are Scouters whose names are less universally known but whose impact on Scouting has been just as transformative.

Their common bond: the Silver Buffalo Award — the Boy Scouts of America’s highest honor for adult volunteers. It has been presented since 1926 for devoted service to Scouting on a national level. (It’s one of three members of the Silver family, joined by the Silver Beaver for council-level service and the Silver Antelope for regional-level service.)

If you know anyone who fits this impressive mold, now is the time to nominate them for the 2018 Silver Buffalo Award.

Only electronic nominations and recommendations letters will be accepted, using the Silver Buffalo nomination form and must be submitted to [email protected] before the deadline of August 31.

When submitting the nomination form, please include as much correct and relevant information about the nominee as possible. Be sure the nominee’s name is spelled correctly, and highlight all contributions to youth inside and outside of Scouting. Additional endorsement letters from specific areas may be included, provided they feature detailed explanations of the nominee’s contributions and are not just letters generally saying how great the nominee is.

Please note: Nominations are no longer kept for two additional years for consideration if the nominee is not selected. Nominations must be submitted annually. Also, incomplete nominations will not be considered.

Questions related to the Silver Buffalo nomination process can be addressed to Dick Schmidt, Rhonda DeVaney, or Velma Cooks.

(Hat tip to Scouting magazine’s Bryan on Scouting blog for the intro to this story. To read Bryan’s full article about the 2017 Silver Buffalo Award recipients, check it out here.)

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