Weather that’s so cold it makes your eyelashes freeze makes for an unforgettable Scouting experience.

It also makes for a memorable magazine cover.

The February 2017 cover of Boys’ Life, featuring an image by W. Garth Dowling, has been selected as a finalist in the American Society of Magazine Editors’ Best Cover Contest.

BL is competing against other great covers from magazines like Outside, Condé Nast Traveler and Sports Illustrated.

Vote by following the simple instructions below.

About the cover

But first, a little background. That Scout peeking out from behind a frost-covered hat and hood? That’s Colin Hodges, an Eagle Scout from Troop 984 of Dardenne Prairie, Mo.

Over four days in January, Colin and his fellow Scouts tried what their non-Scouting friends might call insane. They camped outside near Ely, Minn., as part of Okpik Winter Adventure at Northern Tier. The low temperature during their Okpik experience? A bone-chilling minus-25 degrees.

“I got a bunch of crazy looks,” said Zion Freeman from Troop 50 of Des Moines, Iowa. “People asking, ‘Really? I know you’re a Scout, but this is what you guys do in your free time?’”

Indeed it is.

Grab a mug of hot cocoa, and vote for the Boys’ Life cover today. Voting ends Jan. 31.

How to vote

To vote, simply Like (thumbs-up) the image below. Then share this with your Scouts and fellow Scouters so they, too, can vote.

If you don’t see the cover image above, click this linkThe link may take a moment to load, so wait for the Boys’ Life cover to pop up. Then “Like” the image. 

You’re done!

BL a past winner

Loyal blog readers might remember that Boys’ Life has won this contest before.

The September 2014 cover, featuring a photo by Patrick Schneider, depicted a lovable Labrador retriever in a canoe.

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