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Earlier this week, actor Jack Black revealed a surprising goal from his childhood on Jimmy Kimmel Live —he always wanted to be an Eagle Scout!

In his younger days, this multi-talented comedian participated in both the Cub Scout and Boy Scout programs, but he aged out of Scouting before he was able to reach his life-long wish to reach the Eagle Scout rank.

His love of the great outdoors didn’t end after Scouting, however. Black explained to Kimmel that as a young adult, he continued to pursue outdoor adventure through other avenues. This just goes to show, the skills and passions youth develop in Scouting are, without a doubt, tenacious.

“I was a rambunctious youth… I was a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout, and I didn’t reach the level of Eagle Scout and I do plan on doing that. I want to go back. You can go back and get that later, right?” Black joked to the late show host.

Kimmel replied, “I don’t think so, no.”

Sorry, Jack, but Jimmy was correct— all Scouts must meet Eagle Scout rank requirements before age 18. But that doesn’t have to mean your Scouting days are over!

While the Jumanji star may have already aged out of Eagle Scout eligibility, we’re certain Black could find the outdoor adventure he loves, should he ever decide to join the fun as a parent volunteer.  

What do you say, Jack?

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