After a few weeks of using video teleconference technology from home, the novelty of seeing your coworkers in their pajamas or one of their pets jump in their lap while they’re talking has probably worn off. You might be looking for other ways to inject a little fun during these stressful times. Why not invite a burro to your next work meeting? Or a chicken? How about a horse? Maybe a bison?

You can book one of the animals at Philmont Scout Ranch to join your Zoom or Google meeting by visiting the “Home on the Range” page. There, you can request one of these animals as a silent observer or one you also hear from, along with the videographer. Prices and availability vary, so check the page or order through the Tooth of Time Traders page.

It’s a fun way to stay connected to one of the BSA’s high-adventure bases.

For updates on high-adventure opportunities this year, check the BSA Outdoor Adventure Group’s COVID-19 response page. For each high-adventure base, visit these pages:

Some Good News

You’ve probably seen actor John Krasinski’s “Some Good News” episodes on YouTube, highlighting positive, uplifting stories he’s compiled from across the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Positive, uplifting stories are what Scouts create all the time, as they serve their communities, even during a pandemic. You can watch some of them in ScoutingWire TV’s Scouting At Home video series.

Check out the latest episodes here:



National Camp-In

Mark your calendar for May 2. That’s when the BSA will host the National Camp-In, a free, online event streaming live on Facebook. It’ll be fun time for the whole family with camping and cooking tips, a virtual 5K, competitions, songs, skits and more.

Check the National Camp-In page later this week for a full schedule of fun events.

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