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It’s Good to Be Kings

A trek up Kings Peak — the highest mountain in Utah — is a physical and mental challenge.

Young Inventors

These young people went far with their winning inventions.

Take Care of Your Feet

It’s easy to take your feet for granted. Take our expert’s advice: Don’t do it.

Gear Guy: Before the Pour

These rain jackets are sure to keep you dry and warm in any type of downpour.

How to buy a good rain jacket

The Great Scout Community Campout

Lead the way by hosting a campout for your entire community.

Photos from the Great Scout Community Campout

BL How: Pack a Backpack

Make your backpacking trip easier by packing the right way. Here’s how.

How to pack a backpack


Scouting Around: Tackle a Project One Stage at a Time

Planning a campout, holding a fundraiser or completing a service project are all tasks that require project management skills.

Visit the Scouting Around blog

9 Things to Know About Orienteering

An orienteering competition is a great way to test your map-and-compass skills.

Cool Jobs Meteorologist: Foul-Weather Friend

When severe storms threaten, Jim Cantore is on the front lines.

What it’s like to be a meteorologist


Let’s Look at Diamonds

Read it! Color it! Get it all in this special Cub Scout section.

Fish School

You can learn how to fish on dry land. Live bait included.

Young Angler Education Day gets Scouts fishing


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