Millions count themselves among the many Scouting alumni and millions more support Scouting in their communities – pledging their support through volunteer leadership, financial support and advocacy for America’s premiere character- and leadership-development program.

Now, as Scouting prepares to celebrate a groundbreaking year for the movement, the Boy Scouts of America is rallying all councils to bring forward the most influential and impactful Scouting supporter to the forefront to celebrate them and inspire others to learn more about Scouting in just three steps.

  1. At the 2018 Top Hands Conference, each council will receive one limited edition “Scout Me In” neckerchief to gift to that council’s most impactful influencer. (Councils will also have the opportunity to order more neckerchiefs in case they have more influencers to engage!) There are many ways to consider influence – from celebrities and bloggers to community and business leaders, and we can’t wait to see who councils rally in support Scouting.
  2. In September and October, our newly-identified influencers will be asked to wear the “Scout Me In” neckerchief and post a video or photo to social media using #ScoutMeIn and a few words to express their support of Scouting. These neckerchiefs will be available for preorder beginning next week at Top Hands through this online order form.
  3. Bringing forward the influential and vocal support for Scouting has its perks! The BSA will offer five $2,000 prizes (one for each class of council) and up to $20,000 to be distributed among the top three councils whose influencers can elevate the visibility and support for Scouting nationwide. The only “catch” is that the prize money must be spent to benefit your council and cannot be given to the influencer as payment.

With a cadre of influencers passionate about Scouting identified, the BSA will develop a video series featuring those influencers about why they support Scouting – one of the next extensions in the ‘Scout Me In’ campaign that will continue into 2019!

This is a win-win-win because it gives councils a fun, playful and rewarding reason to reach out to local influencers that they can actively engage for support into the recruitment and upcoming FOS season, enables the BSA to find some star-power that we would never be able to otherwise afford and creates highly-sharable and fun content that both councils and the national organization can share on social media to rally excitement about Scouting during the 2018 recruitment season.


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