The Chartered Organization Representative, the Chaplain, and the Chaplain’s Aide are known in their units as the “Faithful 3.” Supporting the work of the Faithful 3 can be one method unit-serving executives can use to further strengthen relationships with units.

As you work with the Chartered Organization Representative, Chaplain, and Chaplain’s Aide for your local units, make sure they are aware of the online Chaplain Training program that was introduced in 2018 and launched through the Members’ BSA Learn Center.

This training program fulfills the position-specific training requirements for any Chaplain role across all Scouting programs. Since its introduction, thousands of adults have completed the course.

The online Chaplain Training is divided into three modules.

  • The first module, “Chaplain Roles & Responsibilities,” provides an understanding of the various opportunities and identifies the duties of both the Unit Chaplain and the Chaplain’s Aide.
  • The second module, “Religious Emblems & Awards,” introduces participants to the religious emblems, badges, patches and awards available in Scouting.
  • The third module, “Interfaith Considerations,” helps participants become aware of the various unit worship opportunities.

The course was developed by members of the National Religious Relationships Committee alongside representatives of many different faith groups. The entire training can be completed in less than an hour.

This training supports the vital role of Chaplain, Chaplain’s Aide, and the Charter Organization Representative as they work hand-in-hand to provide extraordinary faithful service to their Scouters.


  • Remind Scouters that they have a Duty to God.
  • Serve as mentors for the youth Chaplain’s Aide position.
  • Encourage their units to provide appropriate Interfaith worship experiences on campouts and outings.
  • Advocate participation in the Religious Emblems Programs.

Many Scouting units charter to places of worship; however, others charter to civic organizations, educational facilities, and other businesses where there is no direct faith or spiritual aspect to the Scouting partnership. Together with a Chartered Organization Representative and a Chaplain’s Aide, a trained Chaplain can make an impactful difference in the program of the units you serve.

Follow-up with your units to inquire if they have a “Faithful 3,” and make sure to inform them about the online Chaplain Training available in the BSA Learn Center.

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