Do your Cub Scouts love to create and build? Then, they’ll be thrilled with the new Modular Design Cub Scout Preview Adventure presented by Snap Ships.

Preview Adventures launched two years ago to deliver new adventures on instead of in a handbook. They are offered for a limited time, and these experimental adventures count as electives and could be considered to be part of future handbooks based on feedback. You can check out these adventures on this page, including the latest adventure: Modular Design.

Modular design is a design principle of a system that can be constructed with parts that are interchangeable, replaceable or modified, and that can fit with other systems. Many toys work on this principle, such as interlocking blocks, which are the base of the building toy Snap Ships by PlayMonster. The PlayMonster toy brand has partnered with the BSA to provide discounts, awards and resources for this new, exciting modular adventure.

This is a great adventure that can be delivered in a virtual or in-person den meeting. In this adventure, Cub Scouts learn the concepts of modular design through fun building activities, including learning how to create original model designs or building instructions. This adventure is only for Bears, Webelos and Arrow of Light Cub Scouts. They can use any modular toys to fulfill requirements, and Snap Ships spacecrafts are a great fit.

Modular Design Preview Adventure By Snap Ships from Boy Scouts of America on Vimeo.

Completing the adventure

You can find the requirements, den meeting plans, meeting resources and the digital recognition for this Preview Adventure here. To help launch this new Preview Adventure, Snap Ships has donated 10,000 ships to the BSA. These spaceships will introduce the adventure to those attending National Camp School for Cub Scout Day Camp and Resident Camp. In addition, 15 councils have agreed to help introduce the adventure in upcoming district or council events.

When your den has completed this adventure, record Cub Scouts’ completion in Scoutbook. They can receive instant digital recognition, either in-person or virtually. This new Preview Adventure is allowing Cub Scouting to test new digital instant recognition.

Instead of adventure loops or pins, there is a customized congratulatory video, a “license to build” and a 25% discount code for any Snap Ship purchase on Amazon. You can access the downloadable recognition directly from the Preview Adventure landing page. Work is being done to attach this Preview Adventure to an email that would include the digital recognition and would be sent to parents.

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