The next time you picture a hero, remember this story of a Cub Scout who stayed calm in the midst of an emergency and saved his little brother’s life.

Catherine Davis, den leader in Chatham, IL, wrote to tell us of a standout act of bravery from a member of her den and how one Cub Scout’s training kicked in at just the right moment.

Catherine told us Hayden and his brother were out for a day of fun when an emergency happened:

The siblings were at their great grandmothers house playing. There is a small bridge that goes over a creek. They were skipping rocks when Drew fell off the bridge. His brother Hayden, who is in my den, didn’t panic at all. He immediately went for help. Because of that, they were able to quickly get him to the hospital and assess his serious injuries.

What makes this story even more amazing is that Hayden had just received the training he needed to act so responsibly:

The best part was just a week earlier Hayden attended our den’s first-aid class and definitely used what he learned!

At just ten years old, Hayden proved to be a hero. Part of that is thanks to how brave he is. And part of it is due to his training in Cub Scouts.

“The first thing we teach the kids is to remain calm and seek help,” Catherine said.

To all the Cub Scouts, parents, and leaders who give time to learn first aid and promote safety, thank you! And a big thank you to Hayden for his exceptional bravery when it was needed most.

Get your kids involved in Cub Scouts to prepare them for life’s challenges, too.

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