Please join us in congratulating Chasity McReynolds, who will serve as Director of the Office of Philanthropy at the BSA National Service Center, effective April 1, 2018. Chasity has served with distinction in this department as a major gift director since January 2010. During her tenure, she has worked with philanthropists across the country, including in the development of the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia. 

In 1996 she entered the Scouting profession as a district executive in Tulsa, Oklahoma. While in Tulsa she was promoted to the position of Exploring executive. Chasity then accepted positions at Circle Ten Council in Dallas, Texas, where she served as a senior Exploring executive, program director, Learning for Life field director, marketing director, and foundation director. Chasity was promoted to the position of assistant department director for the Office of Philanthropy in 2016.

In the role of philanthropy department director, Chasity will provide leadership to the National Council philanthropic funding strategies related to gifts dedicated to the Summit Bechtel Reserve.  She will lead a staff of 8 major gift directors, research and technical support, special event coordination, and will work in conjunction with the leadership of the Summit to grow the High-Adventure Base through gifts. Additionally, she will work with the Philmont, Sea Base, and Northern Tier National High-Adventure Bases to provide funding support on a philanthropic level.

She has also received in-depth training in the art and science of philanthropic fundraising through recognized and highly accredited institutions. 

Chasity’s son, Danny, is a Life Scout and they enjoy their time together through a variety of outdoor activities. Chasity has completed Wood Badge training and many of the courses offered by the BSA. 

In the comments below, help us welcome Chasity to her new role in the BSA as she works to further the Scouting movement through this vital and significant leadership position.

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