1. A piece of rope for fastening something in a ship

5. Sea Scout sailing event

9. Purpose

10. Ocean voyages

11. Sunset color

13. Florida time setting, for short

14. Approve

15. Sea Scouts can train in this deep-sea diving experience

19. Epic story

20. Military service protecting U.S. waters

24. Stylish

25. A group of Sea Scout youth leaders

29. Home of Hemingway’s old man

31. Waterside

32. Brace supporting a mast or spar

34. Lifesaving technique Sea Scouts can learn, abbr.

37. His name’s on the cup at this biannual sailing regatta

40. Inexperienced

41. U.S. Navy rank

42. Self-respect gained by Sea Scouts

43. Formal address


1. The Sea Scout __________ Award is presented by councils, areas, regions and the BSA National Council.

2. They’ll help you I.D. Sea Scouts

3. It’s part of the Sea Scouts logo

4. Military marching instrument

5. Saves from danger

6. Fuel

7. Old salt

8. Contribute

12. Recede, as a tide

15. Fall down

16. Home of the brave

17. Lent a hand to

18. Marina sights

21. Boston party

22. Some coffee servers

23. Getting onto a vessel

26. Rainy

27. Tie up, at a mooring

28. Marine mammals

30. A high school test

33. Rainbow shape

35. One who uses a paddle

36. Current measurement, for short

37. Distress

38. Boat gear

39. Taken


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