Q: What’s the best type of multitool that’s useful and affordable?
— Levi, Orcutt, California

A: The best type is one that has the tools you need. Do you really need to spend $170 on a heavy-duty device equipped with a miniature saw, hammer and electrical crimper for your monthly campouts? Probably not.

Shop in a manufacturer’s compact line. These pocket-sized tools will have fewer features, but they’ll also cost less — usually between $20 and $50.
Quality brands include Leatherman, Victorinox Swiss Army and Gerber.

For example, Gerber’s Armbar line ($39, gerbergear.com) comes in two styles; both include a locking blade and scissors, along with a few other tools. The Leatherman Squirt PS4 ($40, scoutshop.org) is another great option and is available at scoutshop.org.

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