If you’re stocking up on candy to hand out on Halloween, we have sweet answers to the question, “What is the BEST Halloween candy?”

Boys’ Life asked and kids answered. Here’s the trick to handing out the best treats:

  1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups earned 23 percent of votes from Boys’ Life online readers. There’s something about that peanut buttery-chocolate mix that delivers big time!
  2. Twix earned 22 percent of votes. You can’t go wrong with this classic candy, whether you choose to eat a left Twix or a right Twix.
  3. M&M’s earned 20 percent of votes. Chocolate for the win!
  4. Candy Corn earned 9 percent of votes. While there are some clear favorites over this treat, the Halloween staple still has loyal fans.
  5. Skittles earned 8 percent of votes. Fruity goodness is indeed a hit with many of your trick-or-treaters!
  6. Snickers earned 7 percent of votes. These results may seem shocking, but the Halloween lovers have spoken.
  7. Butterfinger earned 6 percent of votes. True to its name, this little bar of goodness slipped to second-to-last place.
  8. Nerds earned 5 percent of votes. Perhaps it’s because the snack size Nerds boxes challenge us in satisfying our Nerds cravings.

We’re not going to argue with the kids who love Halloween candy most, but we still want to know what candy tops your family’s favorites list! Let us know in the comments below.

Best Halloween Candy

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