From outdoor fun to Scout style, if you grew up in Scouting, your mind probably brims with nostalgia for some of your favorite adventures.

Here are a few Scouting milestones you’ll definitely remember from your time in Scouts:

  1. Pinewood Derby – This is what we hear most Scouting alumni immediately mention when we ask about Scouting memories. Something about seeing those little cars fly down a track leaves a lifetime impression (not to mention the quality time spent with mom and dad during the car’s design phase).
  2. Raingutter Regatta – Using straws and lung power to propel mini-sail boats is not something you easily forget. If you took part in the construction, design, and races for this Cub Scout staple, you probably rank this high on your list of childhood memories.
  3. Blue and Gold – You might remember this Cub Scout party for its standout food and elaborate cakes. If you need to jog your memory, check out these cakes for an instant throwback.
  4. Your First Uniform – The pride of putting on your first Scouting uniform is hard to hide. Check out the photo below shared by Scout mom Noelle R. This picture captures the exact moment the Cub Scout uniform made her new Scout very happy.
  5. Campouts – You probably recall putting your knot-tying skills to use and still retell the campfire story your buddy shared on a Scout campout. And let’s not forget, the s’mores you had back then just can’t be rivaled.
  6. Service Projects – Whether it was writing letters to kids in the hospital or heading outside to clean litter from a local park, you likely remember the hours you poured into community service as a Scout. These were probably some of the first times you gave your time to a selfless cause.

This list is just a start, however. What else do you remember from growing up in Scouting? Share below!

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