Duty to country guides all Scouts to honor the people who serve the land of the free. But it’s especially significant to see the youngest of Scouts demonstrate their patriotism for the United States. That’s why we’re highlighting four of our favorite times Cub Scouts exemplified duty to country.

 4 Times Cub Scouts Exemplified Duty to Country

  1. When these Cub Scouts made really a cool, super patriotic (and GIANT) Pinewood Derby car. Watch the video below and read this story to hear from the Cub Scout mom who helped make this idea a reality.

2. When this brave Cub Scout memorized and recited “The Eagle” for more than one thousand Scouting leaders and volunteers.


3. When these Cub Scouts helped place more than 12,000 wreaths on the graves of American soldiers.

4. When Cub Scouts recite the Pledge of Allegiance to kick off every meeting.

That’s right – give your kids recognition (and a high five) for the patriotism they demonstrate everyday! And shout out to you for raising them to respect our country and understand the freedoms we have.

How does you pack show duty to country? Do you have any cool projects in the works? Share in the comments below!


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