Article submitted by Keenan M. Pallone, Chain Bridge District Executive of the National Capital Area Council.

Step 1: Understanding Challenges from the Event 

We need to figure out what areas can be improved from the first event in order to have a more successful follow-up event. There can be numerous reasons why a Join Scouting Night (JSN) did not go according to plan, so we need to review everything we can. Maybe it was the weather, or another event was scheduled, or the flyers didn’t have enough information, or something else about the event didn’t convince attendees to join. Determine where we could have made improvements, and share this information to the membership committee and/or other units so adjustments can be made for future events.

Step 2: Volunteer Buy-in

Now that we’ve discovered areas for improvement, we’ll need to get the volunteers’ buy-in again for a follow-up JSN. When working with our volunteers, we need to make sure they feel supported and that we are in this together. Start by having a conversation with the unit leadership and focus on what we as unit serving executives can do to better assist them. Yes, this may mean some longer days and more time in our vehicles, but it’ll pay off in the long run. After all, we are volunteer run and professionally guided. If our units feel supported (and are supported), we will be successful!

Step 3: Planning the Event

Okay, so we have an understanding of how to make improvements, and we have our volunteer buy-in, now we need to plan the follow-up JSN event. Work with the unit’s leadership to schedule a date and time and inform them that either you (preferred) or someone from the district will be present to lend assistance and collect any completed applications at the end of the event.

Step 4: The Event

We should make it a priority to attend every JSN, if possible, but this is especially true for rescheduled or follow-up JSNs. If we cannot attend, we should make sure someone who is knowledgeable about Scouting and membership is able to attend to lend assistance. When attending the JSN, bring additional membership items such as blank applications, flyers, promotional items, etc. in case supplies run low at the event. Most importantly, make sure to put on a smile and have fun!

Do you have any suggestions for Join Scouting Night follow-ups? Let us know below!

Scouting Wire would like to thank Keenan for submitting this article. 

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