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“The Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Whittling Book shows you how to carve useful and whimsical objects in just a few minutes using nothing more than an original Swiss Army Knife and a twig. Whether you’re relaxing by a campfire or just looking for a way to de-stress on the weekend, whittling is a creative way to unwind and have fun. Learn how to choose your wood, sharpen your blade and control your knife with dozens of easy step-by-step projects.

Running out of ideas for what to get your older Scout for the holidays? We know it can be challenging to give a meaningful gift to older kids, but we’ve got some excellent ideas that will not only impress your Scout, but they’ll be easy on the wallet and might even put a twinkle in someone else’s eye. Continue reading to take our tips and make them your own this holiday season.

1) Ask them what they want! Rather than playing the guessing game, simply asking your Scout what they want for the holidays could relieve a lot of stress surrounding the question of whether or not they’ll actually like the gift. A twist on this idea is to give the Scout five gift options and have them rank which gift is most meaningful to them. That way, you have gift options and they still have a bit of a surprise.

2) Give the ultimate Scouting gift – a Swiss Army Knife. One great option is the Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman. This nifty tool is equipped with everything your Scout could wish for in one easy gift! The Huntsman Swiss Army Knife is not just a knife – it has scissors, multiple screwdrivers, tweezers, a multi-purpose hook (great for pulling out tent stakes), a robust wood saw and more! Talk about a multitasker. To pair with the new knife, all Cub Scouts and Scouts can enter to win one of 25 Swiss Army Knife Whittling Books! Click here to enter the giveaway.

3) Teach your Scout how to say thanks. Instead of boxing up just toys, consider wrapping up thank you cards and stamps in their holiday presents. By providing these items along with their other presents, Scouts have the opportunity to learn the art of writing a thank you note. If your child isn’t into snail mail, try signing up your Scout for an online greeting card website. 

4)  Give them a $10 bill in an envelope and ask them to research what charities or funds to donate it to. It’s important that they learn the art of giving too! Not only will this gift encourage your Scout to think of serving others before themselves, but it could also help them earn the Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge.

For a few more cool Scout gift ideas, check out the Scout Shop. Do you have any helpful tips for older Scout gifts? Share with us in the comments below!

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