Recently, you may have seen positive national media coverage of Scouting in places like this story on CBS Sunday Morning, a show that reaches millions of viewers. Or you may have read this recent Associated Press article about Scouting that was syndicated in hundreds of media outlets nationwide.  

With this exciting groundswell of good news around Scouting, it is a good time to think about ways to amplify the news in your own community and use the momentum of these national stories to draw focus to the great Scouting stories happening right where you are. 

While there are multiple ways to make use of this national media coverage in your own marketing, we’ll focus on three options that may help further enhance your efforts. 

Share the news on your channels

This national media coverage is easy to share via your local council digital channels. You can embed the CBS Sunday Morning piece on a council or unit website (as we’ve done below). If you have an e-mail newsletter, the video would make great content for your subscribers.

It’s also easy to share on a council, district, and/or unit social media channel like Facebook or Twitter. In addition to the video itself, you may have seen the Bryan on Scouting blog post, which also makes a great social media share or newsletter item. 

The same is true of the AP article. With a simple copy and paste of the link, or by using social sharing features on the article, you can spread the news to your audience. 

As you share the national media coverage via your digital channels, it’s always a good idea to remind your audience to further share the good news with their own network of friends. 

Replicate the news with your own local media

The media in your community are always looking for positive stories to share, and they love reporting on new trends. Now is an excellent time to reach out to your local media and invite them to experience Scouting activities with some of your most active local units.

If you have Early Adopter Cub Scout units with girls, the local media may be excited by the fresh perspective and the opportunity to cover Scouting activities through this unique new lens. 

Even if you are not an Early Adopter market, you can engage media interested in the story of welcoming girls by discussing plans you are developing for the launch during the next program year. 

Connect with local influencers

Do you have social media influencers in your community that might have an interest in Scouting? If so, invite them and their families to come experience Scout activities similar to those they may have seen in the national news. By creating an experience where they can sample Scouting, it may help encourage them to share that with their own audiences. 

If you need assistance in identifying influencers that are local to your market, you can reach out to [email protected]. We can help connect you with influencers and assist you in arranging events and opportunities to showcase Scouting for these key individuals. 

Share your stories with us

Have you already been having success in your local media outreach about the Early Adopter program and/or other Scouting programs? We’re always interested in hearing your stories of amazing Scouts and the many ways they are making your community a better place. Please share your stories with us at [email protected]

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