Q: When I go camping, I take my phone. I don’t want it to get damaged. Can you recommend any good phone cases for the outdoors?
— Fred, Charlestown, Massachusetts

A: If you’re going into the wilderness with a smartphone worth hundreds of dollars, you’ll want something tough to protect it.

My pick is the Otterbox Defender series ($50-$70, otterbox.com). With an inner polycarbonate shell and a thick rubber slipcover, this case withstands shock from drops. Except for the speakers, its design covers all your buttons and ports, keeping out dirt. An optional holster with swiveling belt clip can double as a kickstand, which is pretty nice for watching videos.

If you want a more affordable case with a built-in kickstand, try the ZIZO BOLT series ($40, zizowireless.com). This case is thinner than the Otterbox but still provides sturdy shock-absorbing protection with a polyurethane and polycarbonate combo shell. The textured exterior lets you get a good grip on your phone, too.

For something waterproof, take a look at LifeProof’s FRĒ cases ($80-$90, lifeproof.com). This case seals up your phone to repel water, even when submerged 6 1⁄2 feet underwater. Its exterior covers protect your speakers, screen and charging ports.

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