The COVID-19 pandemic closed Philmont Scout Ranch this past summer, but the high-adventure base is ready for its biggest season in 2021 with new construction of trail camps, trails, staffed program areas and other infrastructure, which will allow Philmont to enhance its already mitigated environmental impact practices to an even higher level.

The base is best known for 7- and 12-day treks that challenge participants mentally and physically. Treks include stops at several of Philmont’s staffed backcountry camps, where staffers offer experiences Scouts will remember all their lives.

Philmont hopes to reopen itinerary options that include both Baldy Mountain and the Tooth of Time. A route through “the back” (Ute Park Fire burn scar) is being scouted for potential use in 2021.

Here’s what you need to know about planning a trip to this legendary Scouting destination.

Philmont trek registration and lottery info

Philmont Scout Ranch will be a part of the joint-registration effort by all high-adventure bases as registrations opened October 27. Having all information in one place only makes it easier for crews to “shop” and choose the adventure that will serve them best.

Philmont added 9-day Itineraries into its offerings. Participants coming on an expedition can now choose between the 7, 9 and 12-day variants. The hope with the 9-day itineraries is that more adult advisors will find it easier to secure time away from jobs and other responsibilities to join their troop’s contingent at Philmont.

You can log on to the BSA’s new Find Your Adventure info portal to register.

Individual opportunities

Did you know that youth members can come to Philmont without a full crew? There are several options for Scouts with different interests to trek at Philmont with peers from around the country. Advanced backpacking skills, STEM, conservation and Order of the Arrow are just a few of the themes around these treks.

Individual opportunities are available for Scouts and Venturers ages 14-20. Varying trek durations and lower price points can make these an attractive option for a Scout who’s been to Philmont and looking for a different type of challenge, or for a Scout whose troop may not be registering a crew for the 2021 or 2022 seasons.

Registration for these treks is open for summer of 2021.

BSA Family Adventure Camp

Open to all registered members of the BSA and their families, you will have the chance to visit Philmont and participate in exciting programs with Family Adventure Camp. Activities include hiking, rock climbing, fishing, craft center, shooting sports, horseback riding and so much more. Together, you’re sure to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Other Philmont news you need

  • There are many options for fun and adventure at Philmont. Check out this list of treks, some of which are offered in the autumn and winter.
  • Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Look no further than the Tooth of Time Traders. They offer a great selection of belts, buckles, gifts and gear.
  • The National Scouting Museum is open year round. Learn more about visiting and scheduling tours of one of Philmont’s other museums.

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