Nobody recruits Cub Scouts better than other Cub Scouts.

It’s in that spirit the BSA released a refreshing new recruiting video featuring boys and girls talking about why they love Cub Scouting so much.

“You get to go to parks, you get to ride your bike, you get to pet a bug,” one Tiger Scout says.

Find priceless comments like these throughout the video, which has the clever name “Welcome to the Cub.”

After you watch the video, share it! If your pack hasn’t yet held its join Scouting night, this is a great way to promote the event on social media.

If your join Scouting night already happened, use the video to encourage people to call you, e-mail you, find you on or send you a Facebook message.

After all, recruiting season never really ends. A pack’s doors remain open all year long.

Step 1. Watch the video.

Step 2. Share the video.

However you use “Welcome to the Cub” in your recruiting efforts, be sure to include the hashtag #ScoutMeIn.

A behind-the-scenes shot during the making of the “Welcome to the Cub” video, filmed with Cub Scouts from the Pathway to Adventure Council in Illinois.

Step 3. Make it your own.

When sharing the “Welcome to the Cub” video, customize the text of your post to meet your pack’s recruiting needs. Offer details about your pack’s join night, if applicable, or the time and place of your next meeting.

You don’t need to write a dissertation. Something simple like this will work well: “There’s still time to join Pack 123! We meet at 7 p.m. Monday at Main Street Church. Please email or call if you’d like more information. [Include contact info.]”

Step 4. See how others are sharing the video.

Here’s how a council and pack have used the video. If you have other ideas, shout ’em out in the comments.

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