Article submitted by Derrick Russaw of the Southern Region.

In order to continue to serve its youth members, it is incumbent on the district to elect a strong district committee. Thus, it is the task of the district nominating committee to select a slate of excellent officers and members at large for the next year. It is the district executive’s responsibility to coordinate this effort and lead the charge to ensure quality district operations.

In order to stay on schedule, the following steps should be in place:

  1. Recruit a nominating committee chairmen
  2. Recruit 2-3 nominating committee members
  3. Set at least 2 nominating committee meetings (Between August and September)
  4. Schedule a district annual business meeting (Early October)

As a district executive, your role is to:

  1. Review qualifications of members.
    • As a district executive, it is important to be knowledgeable of all position requirements within the district committee. In preparation for district nomination committee meetings, you should email or provide the aforementioned material.
  2. Study the participation and performance of last year’s officers and members at large.
    • Using your district committee minutes, notes, and sign-in log, district executives should compose a confidential performance evaluation of each sitting committee member. Sometimes it is ideal to reassign some of the existing members to a new job that will further enhance Scouting within your district.
  3. Make suggestions for each officer and member at large.
    • It is important to research and provide three prospects for each position if there is to be a change in personnel for a seat.
  4. Participate as requested in contacting each nominee.
    • Always remember draw on the support of key volunteers. Avoid recruiting a volunteer alone. Try to reach out to somebody of influence who can help encourage and support the nominee’s participation.
  5. Treat all information as confidential.
    • This is a confidential meeting. All notes, conversations, etc. should be treated with respect and discretion.

Never forget that Scouting is a volunteer-led movement. The commitment of your volunteers will affect the quality of your district at large. It is more important to have the right volunteer serve rather than to simply have a name on a sheet of paper. This process will not be “easy,” and it will require “professional courage.” This means that district executives are expected to have the strength and maturity to look past mere enthusiasm and place the best candidates in a position where Scouting can thrive. When the district nominating committee is run according to these guidelines, everybody wins.

Scouting Wire would like to thank Derrick for submitting this article.

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