Repping the BSA is now just a tap or click away.

The Boy Scouts of America has opened a new Amazon store that makes buying officially licensed products easier than ever.

The collection includes more than two dozen unique items, including officially licensed T-shirts, pocketknives and those PopSocket things everyone has on the back of their phone.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’ll be delighted to know most products qualify for free, fast shipping. And if you’re a fan of new stuff, look for more cool gear added throughout 2019 and beyond.

Leaders looking for the latest editions of Scouting handbooks and leader guides will find those in the store, too.

Greg Winters, the BSA’s manager of licensing programs, says his team wanted to create a single destination point to make finding BSA-branded products on Amazon a snap.

“For the BSA, it makes sense to have a presence where consumers are shopping and to create opportunities to help enhance that shopping experience,” he says.

Check out to see what’s available.

What are officially licensed products?

Officially licensed products are produced by a third-party manufacturer and authorized by the BSA’s National Council under a product licensing agreement.

These are different from official products, which are items produced directly by the National Supply Group. You’ll still purchase official products, such as the uniform, through or your local Scout shop.

Can my other Amazon purchases benefit the BSA?

Buying a book, a television or a box of diapers off Amazon?

Learn how to use Amazon Smile to automatically donate 0.5 percent of your purchase to the charity of your choice, including the Boy Scouts of America and its many local councils.

Setup is easy and the donation costs you nothing, making this a great additional way to support Scouting.

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