Young ladies have watched their brothers build Pinewood Derby cars, explore the outdoors, camp, and learn knife safety for years – watching, yet not being able to officially participate. But now, girls no longer have to watch as their brothers have all the fun – they have the opportunity to experience those activities in Cub Scouts, and next year, girls age 11 to 17 will be able to join the Scouts BSA program.

Since registration opened in August, the Greater St. Louis Area Council has signed up thousands of new Cub Scouts, with a significant number being girls.

Once 8-year-old Kellen S. discovered she could be a Scout, she urged her mother to sign her up. In fact, Kellen already had the Cub Scout manual downloaded on her tablet before she even attended her first sign up night. She says she has her sights set beyond Cub Scouts and hopes to earn Scouting’s highest rank – Eagle Scout.

“My brother does Cub Scouts, and he did all the fun activities,” Kellen shared with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Now, Kellen can do the same fun activities with her triplet brother, Caden and triplet sister, Brietta, who are also new Cub Scouts. They will all have the opportunity to be Eagles.

Their mother, Denae, says she is excited to bring the family together for activities as a Pack. Denae will also be the girls’ den leader. Cub Scouts meet and participate in family activities as a Pack, yet the children also meet in smaller, single-gender dens.

Many families cite the new change as a better fit for their busy family schedule.

One mother told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that joining Cub Scouts made a lot of sense for her family because her daughter, Lola, 6, wasn’t able to participate in some other programs because of conflicting family commitments. Lola always ended up joining her 9-year-old brother, Lincoln, for his Scouting activities. Now, Lola can officially participate in the same way her brother has.

“She loves the hiking, camping and feels so proud to wear the uniform,” Lola’s mother, Kim, explained. “When we went to the Scout store this summer to purchase her Tiger uniform, she was over the moon to see they had added a skort option for the girls.”

If you know a family with girls or boys who are interested in joining Scouting, be sure to let them know it’s never too late to get involved. Scouting is even more fun with friends! Be sure to share with someone you know.  

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