Trailblazing families with daughters are signing up by the thousands to join Cub Scouts this year, and people are beginning to notice in a major way.

Recently, Romper took a minute to talk with two girls about why they love being in Cub Scouts. It’s always a big deal when a media outlet takes time to cover great Scouting stories, but what makes this an even bigger deal is that Romper is a key member of the Bustle Digital Group, the largest premium publisher reaching millennial women. The group’s outlets collectively boast a readership of more than 80 million people every month. 

Romper reporter Gillian Walters talked with Michaela, a Scout from the Michigan Crossroads Council, and MaKayla, a Scout from the Grand Canyon Council. In addition to the similarity in their names, these two girls also have similar goals to one day earn the celebrated Eagle Scout rank. Both girls are part of the many families that have joined Scouting over the past few months. 

Michaela has Eagle Scout brothers and knows the leadership value of participating in Scouting. 

“I want to be one of the first girls to earn an Eagle Scout title,” Michaela told Romper. “And when I earn my Eagle, it will help me in a lot of ways. My brother actually got a full scholarship and he had a rank up in the military because of the things he learned becoming an Eagle Scout. It’s also good for a leadership job because it shows that you’re a good leader and a good member of your community.”

MaKayla explained to Romper that she really enjoyed the opportunity to spend time camping with family and that was a big part of the draw to join.

“I really like camping with my dad,” she said. “And then we had family camp last weekend. Me and my dad my planned all of our meals together, and I really enjoyed that.” 

Both girls are also really excited by the opportunity to spread the word about Scouting to others who might wonder what it’s all about. 

MaKayla shared these words of advice to any girl who is considering joining: “I’d say keep going because it’s a lot of fun. You get to learn a bunch of different skills that you can use.”

When Romper asked for Michaela’s thoughts on why other girls should join, she said, “I would probably tell them that they should try it out to see if they like it, because there are lots of fun things to do. You can do shooting, swimming, camping, bouldering … it’s just super fun.”

For more on the Scouts from these trailblazing families, be sure to check out the full story in Romper, which also shared a look at the “Welcome to the Cub” video and “Scout Me In” supporter Tanya Acker, a Judge on CBS Television show Hot Bench.

If you know a family with girls or boys who are interested in joining Scouting, be sure to let them know it’s never too late to get involved. Scouting is even more fun with friends! Be sure to share with someone you know.  



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