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Joining a new Scout unit can be a little overwhelming at first. You’re presented with a calendar full of fun upcoming activities, but all the new people, places and things can seem like a lot to digest.

Fortunately for anyone joining Scouting in 2017 or beyond, there’s help. It comes in the form of a volunteer whose job is to make new members feel right at home.

It’s called the New Member Coordinator. If your unit recharters soon, you should find one or more volunteers to serve in this vital role.

Wearing a blue “Welcome” pin on their hat or shirt, the New Member Coordinator is easily easily identifiable at unit gatherings. He or she welcomes new members with a smile and points them in the right direction — literally and figuratively.

What a New Member Coordinator does

The New Member Coordinator forms a connection with new members and their families. He or she is appointed by and reports to the Unit Committee Chair.

Each unit should have one — or, ideally, more than one — New Member Coordinator

In general, all New Member Coordinators:

  • Serve as welcoming ambassadors for the unit.
  • Work with the unit committee in developing and implementing the Unit Membership Plan.
  • Participate in New Member Coordinator training and collaborate with the district membership team.

“New Member Coordinators can be a game-changer for membership retention as well as recruitment,” says Linda Baker, chairwoman of the New Member Coordinator Task Force. “Having one or more NMCs in a unit can make everything easier and more fun.”

How to register as a New Member Coordiantor

The easiest time to register someone as a New Member Coordinator is when your pack, troop or crew recharters.

The New Member Coordinator, which uses the registration code “NM,” is a member of the unit committee.

This role replaces the roles of Unit Membership Chair and Parent Coordinator, which are no longer available. Anyone registered in one of those now-retired positions should have received an email from the national membership vice president encouraging him or her to register as a New Member Coordinator in 2018 and beyond.

How to get started as a New Member Coordinator

Make your first stop.

You’ll find training information, forms, printable brochures, videos, logos and much more.

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