Q: My troop is going on a hike, and there will be several ponds where I’d like to fish along the way. What pole should I take that can handle being carried around and that will fit in my pack?
— Caden, Mount Pleasant, Utah

A: If you want to something to put in your pack, look at lightweight telescopic rods, which can collapse down to a foot or two in length, or fishing gadgets, like the KA-BAR Backpack Kaster ($17, kabar.com). At only 4 ounces and barely longer than 6 inches, the Kaster has an empty handle that can store your lures inside and your line around the outer spool. It might not give you the same versatility as a long pole, but it’s really handy while out on a hike.

Remember to obey all fishing laws, including catch limits and the need for a license or permit.

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