Already planning your calendar for 2019? You aren’t alone.

Sandie Graber of Troop 349 in Macomb, Mich., emailed me last week to ask about Scout Sunday 2019.

Her seemingly simple question — when is Scout Sunday 2019? — has a somewhat complex answer.

“The reason I’m asking is because I’d like to have my son’s Eagle Court of Honor at our church on Feb. 10, but I don’t want to do it if it’s on Scout Sunday, because our church will need that room for that,” she writes. “Any answers you could find for me would be appreciated!”

In addition to answering Sandie’s question about Scout Sunday 2019, we’ll also discuss Scout Sabbath 2019 and Scout Jumuah 2019.

These three days, scheduled around the time of the BSA’s birthday on Feb. 8, celebrate the strong bond between Scouting and our faith-based chartered partners.

When is Scout Sunday 2019?

The BSA’s Calendar of Religious Dates lists Feb. 10, 2019, as “Scout Sunday, interfaith.” It lists Feb. 17, 2019, as “Scout Sunday, United Methodist.”

But those are just guidelines. The BSA says a local church may celebrate “on the Sunday most acceptable to the pastor and congregation.” So check with your chartered organization representative or faith leader.

Depending on your faith organization, Scout Sunday could be held any Sunday in February. It could be Feb. 3, Feb. 10, Feb. 17 or even Feb. 24.

In the past, Scout Sunday was always held on the Sunday before the birthday of the BSA on Feb. 8. Realizing that each chartered organization has a unique schedule of worship, the BSA no longer uses that guideline.

When is Scout Sabbath 2019?

The BSA’s Calendar of Religious Dates lists Feb. 8 and 9, 2019, as Scout Sabbath.

Scout Sabbath (also called Scout Shabbat), for Jewish Scout units, begins at sundown on Friday, Feb. 8, and continues into the next day.

Though the National Jewish Committee on Scouting has designated Feb. 8-9 as Scout Sabbath for 2019, some councils or units will celebrate the occasion on other days.

You’re advised to check with your council or local Jewish Committee on Scouting to verify the date.

When is Scout Jumuah 2019?

Scout Jumuah is Feb. 8, 2019, but units may adjust this date to best meet their needs.

Scout Jumuah offers a chance to recognize the contributions of young people and adults to Scouting within the Muslim community.

Find Scout Jumuah program ideas on this page about Scout Jumuah 2018, published by the National Association of Muslim Americans on Scouting.

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