Although it feels like 2018 just started (since it just did), February is only a few weeks away, which means Scout Sunday is just around the corner! Keep reading for the breakdown on Scout Sunday, Scout Sabbath, and Scout Jumuah in 2018, then head to Bryan on Scouting for an in-depth look at these upcoming BSA holidays and ways you can celebrate!


Scout Sunday

When: February 4, 2018

Why: Scout Sunday always falls on the Sunday before February 8—the anniversary of the BSA!

While Scout Sunday is officially on the calendar for February 4, charter organizations are encouraged to celebrate on whichever Sunday works best, such as the United Methodist Church, who will celebrate Scout Sunday 2018 on February 11. Be sure to check with your charter organization to find out when to celebrate.

Scout Sabbath

When: February 9 and 10, 2018

Why: Scout Sabbath, or Scout Shabbat, always falls on the Saturday after Scout Sunday. This year’s celebrations start on Friday, February 9 at sundown through Saturday, February 10.

Similarly to Scout Sunday, charter partners may choose to celebrate Scout Sabbath at a different time. You can learn more about these dates from your council or your local Jewish Committee on Scouting.

Scout Jumuah

When: February 9, 2018

Why: The National Association of Muslim Americans on Scouting has marked Scout Jumuah for February 9, 2018, to celebrate Scouts and Scouters in the Muslim community. Of course, units may choose to observe this special day at another time that works best for them.

Learn more about Scout Jumuah from the National Association of Muslim Americans on Scouting here to get a head start on planning your festivities!


Why these dates? As Bryan on Scouting explains, “scheduled in close proximity to the BSA’s birthday on Feb. 8, these three days celebrate the connection between Scouting and our faith-based chartered partners.”

Head to Bryan’s full story to discover even more ways to celebrate, where to get your Scout Sunday, Scout Sabbath, and Scout Jumuah gear, and how to wear the patches.

How will your unit celebrate this February? Share your favorite stories, tips, and ideas in the comments below!


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