Ah, summer camp season. It’s the time when parents shuttle kids from camp to camp to fill their idle summer hours with fun and fulfilling activities.

From crafting and skit performances to water balloons and relays, one summer camp stands out when it comes to preparing kids for life. We’re talking about Cub Scout day camp.

So just what is Cub Scout day camp?

The answer can vary depending on the camp your family signs up for, but most day camps include the following guidelines:

  • Children in grades first through fourth can usually participate.
  • Day camps are not overnight camps. They involve one to five days of daytime or evening camp activities. Most of these activities take place outdoors.
  • Day camps are themed. Themes may focus on activities like bug catching or sports, but other activities that vary from the theme are introduced to break up the day.
  • Day camps usually focus on nature, sports, aquatics, and crafts.

Cub Scout day camps are distinct from other summer camps in that they prepare younger children for overnight camping by building their outdoor skillsets. So while your seven year old may not be ready to head out for a week of camping quite yet, he may be prepared to camp with his pack after a few years of Cub Scout day camp.

We know your summers are busy (the days of summer “breaks” are long gone). But if you’re looking to fill a gap in your kids’ summer schedule or you want more background so you can make an informed decision on summer camps for next year, make sure day camp is on your list.

If you’re seeking more info on day camps in your area, identify and reach out to your local council.

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