I hope everyone has had a great summer.  I know many of you worked summer camp, I hope it was a great experience for you.  All that being said school is about to start back up which means Wdee Chapter is starting back up as well.  Wdee Chapter will be meeting August 6th , this Thursday, at 7:00 at the North Blvd. Church of Christ, please let all Arrowmen in your troop know about this.  The Chapter meeting is not only for OA Reps, it’s open to every Arrowmen.

We have a lot to go over for this meeting as well and I would like to have everyone’s input.  We of course have the Winter Camporee to start planning.  The Chapter has been asked by the Trail of Tears District to do district wide youth leadership training course.  I have the course teaching material, which is attached, if we can assign two Arrowmen with an adult advisor per session this should make the program manageable for everyone.  They would like for us to do this the weekend of the Spring Cub & Family.  We have use of Camp Sthalman and the Sthalman dining hall as a class room if needed.  Please share this information with your troops, again, any Arrowman can take a leadership role these, not just OA Reps.  That being said, it is a discussion, so that means two or more people discussing not just me talking.

Quentin Bolden
Wdee Chapter Advisor