A Sea Scout tells how a Philmont trek gave her the confidence to overcome the emotional scars of bullying.

An Eagle Scout recounts the time he saved nine people’s lives by alerting residents to a fire in their apartment.

A Webelos shares how a Tiger Scout meeting activity inspired him to start Tiger Mushroom Farms, a fast-growing business featured on the Steve Harvey show.

One by one, the Report to the Nation delegates shared their story for Facebook viewers. And one by one, viewers were reminded of the ways Scouting empowers young people and prepares them to realize their full potential. Cool thing is, this impact isn’t limited to the Report to the Nation delegates. It’s a part of every pack, troop, crew, ship and post — including yours.

Watch the full Facebook Live interview at the end of this post.

Bios brought to life

I shared bios of the Report to the Nation delegates in this preview post. But words don’t tell the full picture; hearing the delegates share their Scouting story brings these bios to life.

By watching the video below, you’ll get a preview of what some high-ranking Washington officials are in store for during this year’s Report to the Nation visit.

These young people will hand-deliver the BSA’s Report to the Nation to members of the executive, legislative and judicial branch. At each stop, you can bet these officials will ask the delegates to share their Scouting “elevator pitch.”

They’ll hear from Vionn Welcome, a Florida Eagle Scout who didn’t hesitate to raise his hand when his brother needed a bone marrow donor. They’ll meet Trevor Burke of Texas, whose work toward the Hornaday Silver Medal landed him a spot on the TEDx stage. They’ll shake hands with Isabella Messer, a Maine Cub Scout who wants to become an Eagle Scout like her dad, a U.S. Naval Academy graduate.

I could go on, but as I’ve said, it’s better to hear it from the delegates themselves.

Check out the video below, and be sure to follow my Report to the Nation coverage on Twitter and Instagram.

Facebook Live interview with the delegates

I chatted with them live from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. Check out the interview below:

Special thanks to Ray Ohl and his colleagues at Goddard for hosting us. Ohl is a NASA scientist and troop committee member, and like his NASA colleagues, he gave up his Saturday to host the Report to the Nation crew during get-acquainted games, presentation rehearsals and the live interview seen above.

After that, Ohl gave us a tour of Goddard, the facility where the James Webb Space Telescope was built. The delegates saw giant vacuum chambers, a clean room and a centrifuge that can simulate up to 20 to 25 Gs.

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