This is Unsung Heroes, a Bryan on Scouting blog series celebrating under-reported acts of Scouting heroism. These are stories that don’t make national headlines — but should. That’s doubly true in this world that can always use more good news. Read the latest story below, and find instructions for sharing your own Unsung Heroes story at the end of the post. 

When someone bullies another person, all it takes is a single brave and kind person to step and step in.

All it takes is someone like Bryan Fencl.

Bryan, a 9-year-old Bear from the BSA’s San Diego-Imperial Council, was at school when he saw a boy named David (pseudonym) being bullied by other kids.

David has autism and developmental challenges, and even the school’s teachers had been unsuccessful in stopping the students from bullying David. It only seemed to happen when the teachers weren’t watching.

Bryan approached his teachers and suggested establishing a club to watch out for David during recess and lunch breaks.

The friendly, brave and kind members of “David’s Club” would ensure that David always had a buddy with him.

Bryan discussed the problem with his classmates and created a sign-up sheet for others to take turns being David’s buddy.

Nineteen people signed up on the first day alone.

Now David has a buddy everywhere he goes, and Bryan has a lifelong memory of the Scout Law in action.

For bravery beyond his years and his ability to affect real change where others could not, Bryan was nominated for the Medal of Merit.

Share your Unsung Heroes story

Stories like these brighten my day — especially because I know this kind of thing happens regularly in Scouting.

Here’s how to share the news of an Unsung Hero in your pack, troop or crew:

  1. Send an email to me with the subject line “Unsung Heroes.”
  2. Include a detailed summary of the heroic act.
  3. Include any “supporting documentation” you can. Examples include links to a story in your local newspaper, paperwork for a Scouting heroism award nomination or eyewitness accounts.
  4. Include high-res photos of the Unsung Hero.

Thanks to Doris McCarthy, advancement chairwoman in the San Diego-Imperial Council, for the blog idea.

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