When Ian W. heard that his twin sister, Tatum, could join him as a Webelos Scout, he was glad she would get the same opportunity he had.

J’aime, the twins’ mother, knew her daughter would be excited about the news that girls could begin participating in Cub Scouts. But before she decided to move forward to sign Tatum up for Cub Scouts, the family talked it over with her brother Ian.

This Twin Brother and Sister Duo are Enjoying Scouting Together, Hope to Someday Earn Eagle

This twin brother and sister are now part of the Cub Scout program together, and both hope to someday earn the rank of Eagle Scout. (photo: John Doyle, fosters.com)

Family Scouting was a new concept, and Ian and Tatum’s parents wanted to be sure everyone would feel good about each twin having the chance to participate in the Scouting program.

“We ran it by [Ian] to see if it was OK with him, and he was very excited to have her involved,” J’aime said.

Tatum had long-dreamed of joining her twin brother officially for Cub Scouting activities. For the past two years since he joined, she hadn’t been able to get involved. Now, however, as part of an Early Adopter Cub Scout pack in the BSA Daniel Webster Council, she has the opportunity to participate in an official capacity.

“She wants to do all the cool stuff — she’s super into science, she’s into camping, the outdoors, making fires,” said J’aime.

She’s also into the idea of facing challenges to progress toward Scouting’s highest rank.

Tatum wants to continue in Scouting and eventually earn the rank of Eagle Scout. Her twin brother Ian has the same goal. Together, the pair feel they could one-day be among the first twin brother-sister duos to earn the rank of Eagle Scout at the same time.

To learn more about how this twin brother and sister duo is enjoying their Scouting experience, be sure to read the full article in Fosters.com.

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