The official February 1, 2019, launch date for the Scouts BSA program is now behind us, but the launch is only the beginning. Though we’ve seen new Scouts BSA troops already forming in all 50 states and beyond, now is the time to build on that early success and momentum.  

Start and promote new troops 

A foundational part of success is promoting the formation of new troops for all youth to experience this life-changing program. There are a number of resources available to assist councils in this effort. Visit the Scouts BSA Resources section of the BSA Brand Center and find dedicated council resources as well as print, digital, and video assets to market and grow Scouting in your area. Be sure to follow all of the recommendations in the Brand Guidance Training

Encourage everyone to update pins

Put new troops on the map with a pin in BeAScout. Help educate unit-serving volunteers about the importance of updating BeAScout pins with the correct information. The goal is to help ensure that anyone who wants to join Scouts BSA can find a troop near them. To make that a reality, all troops need to make sure they have updated the information on their BeAScout pins so that they display correctly.  

Maximize use of social media

Youth and parents alike regularly access social media sites to learn about and share information on a variety of topics. Sharing details about Scouts BSA on your own social media channels like Facebook and Instagram can be a way to reach audiences with key information about the Scouts BSA program. Use the guidance found in this recent ScoutingWire article for key details and hashtags to use to promote Scouts BSA. 

Additionally, you can use the Instagram playbook and discover creative ways that your council can leverage the use of this popular youth social media destination.  

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