Since last week’s announcement that the BSA will invite girls and young women to all Scouting programs, parents, Scouts, and Scouters alike have been weighing in on the news, and we’ve heard some incredible perspectives on what this means for the Scouting community and beyond.

One particularly insightful perspective comes from mom blogger Kate Etue of Cool Mom Picks. What’s so unique about her point of view? Not only is Kate a mother of both boys and girls, she’s also a dedicated Boy Scout troop leader who knows the value of BSA’s core programs.

(Photo: Kate Etue, Cool Mom Picks /Andrew Robles)

In her recent article, Kate offers her thoughts on why all youth in Scouting programs benefit the whole family.

“My own sons have shocked and impressed me with the things they’ve accomplished so far in their Scouting journeys, and I love that the same accomplishments will now be available to anyone — provided parents are willing to get involved right along with their daughters,” the Scout mom explains.

Kate goes on to say that the change in membership can help youth further develop values such as mutual respect and equity more than ever. As a parent of boys and girls, Kate explains how much it means for all her children to have the opportunity to participate in BSA’s long-standing traditions.

“I love the idea that anyone has the opportunity to get the benefits of the character development, leadership training, and outdoor skills that Boy Scouts of America has provided for boys,” she writes.

After all, if more youth learn to apply the standards of the Scout Oath and Law in their own lives, there would be that many more people working to improve the world around them.

Read more of what Kate has to say about girls earning the Eagle Scout rank, the benefits of mentorship through Boy Scouts, and motherhood in Scouting in her original post from Cool Mom Picks.

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Rochelle Randles is a communications specialist at the Boy Scouts of America. She enjoys sharing incredible adventure stories within the Scouting community and beyond. If you have story ideas or questions, reach out to us at [email protected].

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