As new members join Scouting this fall, many units around the country are ensuring they feel warmly welcomed. What’s the best way to make sure those new members start off on the right foot? Encourage a volunteer to become a New Member Coordinator!

What Is a New Member Coordinator and Why Your Unit Needs One

The New Member Coordinator position is a new role for unit volunteers who will share the benefits of Scouting with new members, coordinate unit recruitment and help guide the joining process for new Scouting families. This volunteer is championed with helping youth and families to make friends, learn the ropes, answer questions, and engage in the fun and purpose of Scouting on day one. But that’s just the start – for a complete detailed explanation of the role read this position description 

Every unit could benefit by having at least one New Member Coordinator. NMCs promote the benefits of Scouting and help with recruitment, but their most important role is to help new arrivals feel a strong sense of belonging. This warm welcome is the best way to ensure that new members want to stay and experience all that Scouting has to offer.

To learn about this new volunteer position and how to begin training, please visit If you have any questions about the role not answered here, reach out to the BSA’s Membership Growth Coach Oscar Santoyo at [email protected]

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